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Car Scent Diffuser / Freshener - April Special Offer

Car Scent Diffuser / Freshener - April Special Offer

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This Freshener comes in a glass bottle with a beautiful Gold colour ornament design. Available in a variety of scents. Will leave your car smelling fresh. 

Instructions for use
-Unscrew lid
-Remove plastic plug
-Replace lid tightly
-Gently shake the bottle so the perfume contacts the wooden cork (be careful not to spill it, and wipe away any access before apply to assigned location)
-Repeat as often as you like/needed to release more fragrance
-Do not leave in direct sunlight
-Do not turn up side down as will leak
-Hang upright via attached string or vent clip was is available on our store

We do not take responsibility for misuse of this product resulting in any damage.
The perfume is not for wearing, avoid contact with skin and furniture.

The fragrance is highly concentrated so if a spillage occurs please clean up immediately, to avoid damage.

Our Fragrances are no way affiliated with the designer fragrance companys. Our diffusers are inspired by, and simply smell similar to the original fragrances.

Capacity: approx 7.5ml


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