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Womens No 809 in Scent Tom Ford Black Orchid Solid Perfume Stick

Womens No 809 in Scent Tom Ford Black Orchid Solid Perfume Stick

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No 809 is described as a sophisticated and tasteful fragrance. This fragrance is similar to Tom Ford Black Orchid. Easily fits in a clutch bag or a suit pocket. Allows you to feel extra special in every place and at any time. Thanks to plant oils, from sweet almonds and castor oil, they leave the skin soft and velvety smooth.

Fragrance notes:

Head: Bergamot, Ginger, Water Notes

Heart: Incense, Rose, Patchouli

Base: Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver

Would make the perfect gift for your Wife, Friend or why not treat yourself. This Solid Perfume Stick is so nice, it applies to the skin like butter and smells so good. 

How to apply: Run on your neck, behind the ears, wrists or décolletage.

Perfect if you are an Asthmatic and can't use sprays but still want to smell good.

Capacity: 5g of solid perfume


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