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Luxury Pillow Mists

Luxury Pillow Mists

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These pillow mists provide you with the highest quality rest and a deeper sleep thanks to the scented mist for bedding. Available in a variety of options:

Fresh Feeling: Fresh Feeling Pillow Mist is a combination of green galbanum, fresh mint extracts, a romantic rose and bergamot notes which calms nerves.

Amazing Sleep: Pillow Mist is a combination of herbal notes of lavender, rosemary and salvia, entwined with a lovely smell of sweet vanilla.

 Cozy Night: Pillow Spray is a combination of cinnamon, cardamom, which wraps around senses, and white musk with chords of precious sandalwood and lavender.

Pleasant Evening: Pillow Mist is a combination of floral notes of tempting rose with soothing jasmine, enlivened with green, juicy fruits.

Calm Moments: Pillow Mist is a combination of soothing lavender with sandalwood used in Chinese medicine with fresh lemon and geranium.

Capacity: 100ml


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